The Ultimate Men’s Jewelry Guide: What To Wear On A First Dinner Date

Here at Forge & Foundry, we know how challenging it can be to pick out the perfect outfit for a first date. No matter what you decide to wear, the best way to make a good first impression is with a couple of carefully selected pieces of jewelry. Keep reading to discover what to wear on a first dinner date to win over any potential partner.



A Statement Bracelet

No matter what your personal style is, you’ll find that a statement bracelet is a subtle and easy way to upgrade your look. You could wear this alone or alongside your watch, and it will soon catch your date’s attention when sitting at the dinner table. Our 18K gold plated Curb Chain Bracelet is ideal for any dinner setting, as it’s designed to be worn every day. It offers a minimalist design that you could pair with any outfit, so it’s a good choice for anyone who doesn’t usually wear jewelry on their wrists.


We know that some men are new to wearing wrist jewelry, and for that reason, you might prefer to go for something a little darker. Our Genuine Onyx Beaded Bracelet comes in two options, with either a stainless steel or 18K gold plated bead. This striking bracelet will look great for a more casual dinner date or cocktails with someone you’ve just met. Finally, consider adding an Adjustable Leather Bracelet to any casual outfit to help upgrade your look for your next dinner date. By adding a subtle piece of jewelry to any outfit, you’ll find that you can really make a great first impression on any date, increasing your chances of meeting up again in the future.


Wear a Unique Piece of Neck Jewelry

If you really want to wow any dinner date, add a piece of neck jewelry to your outfit. This will quickly catch their attention when you are sat down for dinner, and it also offers a good conversation starter. We know how awkward first dates can get at times, but having something to detract from this helps to make it a little easier for both of you. While we offer a full range of men’s gold plated and polished stainless steel pendants, we highly recommend our North Star Pendant for a dinner date. This will impress anyone you are dining with and show your commitment to your personal style. Our BullionBar Pendant offers a more subtle addition to any outfit and will add a hint of color to a darker shirt or suit.

For more ideas for your upcoming first dinner date, check out the full range of products on our site. Here at Forge & Foundry, we are committed to offering refined hand-crafted jewelry and are dedicated to providing men with stylish and high-quality additions to any outfit. For more information about any of the products on our site, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’ll be excited to help you find the perfect addition to your dinner date outfit or any other special occasion you have coming up.

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